Diving from Kayaks has being going on, mainly in the warmer parts of the world, for some time. In recent years there has been a groundswell of interest, with regular threads appearing on UK dive discussion groups. There seems, however, to be relatively few people around the coast regularly diving from these surprisingly stable and manouvarable platforms. We only know of one or two groups, mainly through the internet. As yet there is not much in the way of instruction. "Do It Right" has not yet hit the dive kayak scene in the UK and most of us are teaching ourselves as we go along. However, we may try and put that right with the introduction of "Do It Shiny" in an attempt to see how much stainless steel can be applied to one set of dive kit and one kayak. So watch this space!

This website is dedicated to the learning process, and was originally intended to document the exploration of the Yorkshire Coast, from the Tees to the Humber. However, the great British summer has ensured that trips further afield were required to make any real progress.                                            We hope that if you are further up the learning curve than us, you might give us the benefit of your experience. If you are just starting, then maybe you can learn by our mistakes and if you have no interest in YAKDIVING at all, you may get a laugh out of our regular meetings with Mr Cock-Up.

YAKDIVING North of Scarborough (Autumn 2004)

This may look like the tropics, but is only about 3km North of Scarborough on a fine September day.


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