The Dark Mark Dive Collective is a loose affiliation of friends and friends of friends who have, over the last few years, given YAKDIVING a try and who, against all good sense and propriety, have decided to make kayaks a regular form of transport during diving trips.  2005 was supposed to be the year we "take it seriously" No chance of that, however, we did try and do as much YAKDIVING as possible this year and our experiences are documented on this site.

If you see us around, (we're the ones standing on the beach with kayaks and looking worried), please come over and chat. It'll give us an excuse not to go back in the water and get splattered...again. To aid identification, our boats and ourselves will be branded with the Dark Mark logo.  

       White water rafting in Scotland (September 2005)

Although loosely describe as a "dive" collective, the varied interests of the group include caving, cave diving, kayaking, climbing and surfing.  Which ensures we're never short of something to do whatever the weather.

Unfortunately a weekend of any of these usually results in some casualties along the way.  However in the case below the injuries were definitely self inflicted!

what's my name again?

                                                                           Just having a little rest (where they fell!)